Print adverts for senior (left) and prep (right). 
The school has a motto of 'Where every pupil creates their own story'. This was a spring board for the campaign idea of 'Where every pupil...' and then having a range of words that aligned with their values and aims. 
Digital adverts: MPU, Skyscraper and Banner. 
The dubbed 'paint splash' design was the preferred choice for the senior school. 
Instagram / Facebook Story Adverts for the Senior School. 
However for the Prep school, with ages ranging from 3 to 12, they wanted a more whimsical approach with this illustrative design. 
Social adverts for the prep school split into lower and upper prep. 
The idea behind the ads was to allow customisation going forward. The marketing team at Framlingham would be able to use these designs to generate other adverts depending on what they were needed for. 
The current project is the school prospectus. 
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