Preparing Your Marketing For 2021
Netmatters' 5 Top Tips to Help You Start the Year On The Right Foot

The past year has been incredibly challenging for everyone, including business owners. There was a constant state of flux and many businesses were faced with needing to act quickly. 2021 has started with more uncertainty, which has meant that many marketing plans are still up in the air. We think the best way to approach this new year is to think positively and take a few extra steps to create a plan for your 2021 marketing.
The best place to start is starting with what you already know. 
What products and services will you be marketing? 
Do you have product releases on the road map? 
Are there seasonal or other regular promotions you always plan for? 
With the amount of disruption 2020 brought, it may have helped you identify some of your foundations as a business. Going back to the roots and values of your business can really help structure a new strategy. All the data you collected over the past year can be analysed. This can help make some predictions concerning the changing circumstances. 
Utilising Lessons Learnt 

Remember what you have learned over the past year. We have all prepared for the unexpected. You should definitely not rush back to using old strategies. New approaches should be adaptable; they should be flexible enough to make quick and decisive adaptations to address a market challenge or take advantage of an opportunity.
Interestingly, the number of brands now adding indie agencies to their roster has increased. These agencies offer synergistic, specialist services all in one place and operate independently. It means products or services can be delivered in smarter, better, more efficient ways. 
The Future of Audience Experiences 

Possible opportunities have come to light with everything needing to move online. With digital experiences being the new normal, the experience economy spending by 2030 is expected to reach $8 trillion. Millennials and Gen Z now by far have the largest spending power. With physical events no longer being reliable, far more people can luckily tune into an online event. Online or virtual experiences can lead to wider brand awareness, leads, and potential sales. The Travis Scott gig through the game Fortnite in April saw 12.3 Million participants. There is an untapped opportunity with virtual events.
Focusing on Digital

Many businesses realised the importance of having a digital shop front or having digital engagement throughout 2020. Online retailers reported a 68% increase in sales during the March lockdown.
You need to critically analyse your website. Make sure it is easy and clear to navigate and is fully optimised.
Is your website mobile friendly?
Does it rank high in Google searches?
Share engaging photos, offer educational blogs, and create videos to keep your digital presence dynamic. 
Engagement and Reach

Now with everything needing to be online, you should try a multichannel approach to sales that focuses on providing seamless customer experience, whether your customers are shopping online from a mobile device, a laptop, or in store.
Utilise all possible channels at your disposal. Set up systems that modernise your customer journey, for example, through social media. You can then enhance customer service options and show your current customers' attention through thoughtful improvements that you are responsive and reliable. This can really boost your customer loyalty and reinforce your values. Look at ways to use customer data to personalise your message. 
Budget Review

You may need to review your spending, but that is not always a bad thing. You need to identify what is a priority. For example, the key is being able to pivot from simply prioritising paid ads to integrating organic outreach and customer support depending on your budget and ultimate goals.

Ensure that you are making the absolute best of your marketing at the start of 2021. At Netmatters, we have a three-step process to help you succeed with all business opportunities. Whatever your industry or business model, our expert digital marketing team can create a bespoke plan that suits both your audience and your budget, so if you want to speak to someone about your marketing plans for 2021 then contact us!
2021 is going to be very different from any year we have had before. The year will be unpredictable. We can help you review your metrics as well as analyse your past data to provide a little more insight. By keeping in mind your goals, we think outside of the box when addressing challenges. We will help you schedule monthly or quarterly assessment periods of your annual marketing plan and maximise analytics tools that track your initiatives. However, the most important thing is to stay positive!
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