It's be-Gin-ing to look a lot like Christmas
With just a few weeks to go until Christmas we look at some of the gift ideas we have for you here at St. Giles.
Christmas is now just a handful of weeks away. Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the festive season this year, the heart of Christmas remains the same – demonstrating our love and affection for our friends and family through time together (physically and virtually), heartfelt words and thoughtful gifts.
Many people have already started their hunt for gifts and getting something for the special people in our lives can bring us closer together. We suggest wrapping up a taste adventure and spreading festive cheer!

Gin-gle Bells!

If your loved one is a fan of gin then we have a range of gift sets that will certainly bring a touch of something special to their Christmas tree. We can even deliver straight to their door if you aren’t going to see them before the big day.
Our"Perfect Night In" Packages each contain one of our high-quality gins alongside two stylish tumblers, two premium tonics and a bar of Gnaw Chocolate (Made in Gnawfolk). Choose their favourite gin as the centrepiece of this luxurious gift.
Alongside the theme of the year, we also have our Home Isolation Packages. Both packages contain two bottles of gin and six assorted tonics. At the very minimum, all that is required is ice! 

Our gins each provide a different experience

The Signature St. Giles Gin (42% ABV) has eleven carefully selected botanicals including rose petals and lemongrass with citrus notes to give a light and refreshing drink. For a Christmassy cocktail, we suggest trying a Pomegranate Gin Fizz with our signature gin. With a simple recipe all you need to add is some Prosecco to start the celebrations. 
The Naval Strength St. Giles Divers’ Edition (57% ABV) has a blend of Norfolk samphire, sea kelp and liquorice. It has an underlying apple and caramel flavour which is why we suggest trying a Gin & Appletiser, a refreshing alcoholic twist on a warm apple cider. With a few jewelled cranberry ice cubes, a cinnamon stick and wedge of lime you’ll have yourself a merry lil’ treat. 
Our Raspberry, Rhubarb and Ginger gin (40% ABV) is created using fresh, local fruit which has a strong raspberry aroma, underlying rhubarb and subtle ginger flavours. This holiday season may mean that we can’t have parties together but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with a Mulled Cranberry and Raspberry Punch. Or simply add to orange juice to have a thirst-quenching glass. 
In addition, this winter would not be complete without a special Christmas edition. Following a sell-out run last year, we have once again produced a jolly bottle of Spiced Orange and Cranberry Gin (41% ABV) which provides a burst of fresh orange and cranberry, followed by a warm and satisfying spiced finish. The Master Distiller here at St. Giles has created his own Winter Warmer cocktail which we definitely recommend. 

This Christmas will be about connecting with our favourite people in far different ways than we would have done before. And by providing your friends and family with a taste adventure as well as the choice of experimenting with flavours, everyone can be their own bartender. Why not treat yourself to a bottle as well, and even if you can’t be with your loved one this year you could share a cocktail virtually
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